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remote consulting

Which group of patient would choose remote medical consulting?

  •  Was diagnosed with a serious disease, and would like to be diagnosed by would-class German doctor again
  • could not be diagnosed for long time, or was domestic incurable
  • Could not be convinced the currently treatment  is the best one 
  • Not satisfied with the currently therapy or treatment
  • Different diagnosis and treatment among many hospitals
  • Would like to have the authoritative treatment plan from German doctor

The process of the remote medical consulting

  1.  Initial communication: Introduce and explain the service items and procedure to patient.

Materials prepared for the remote medical consulting

  • Patient personal information: name, birthday, gander, address, telephone number;
  • Basic condition description: 
    • when and how discovered the disease
    • what diagnosis was
    • what was the treatment plan, and when
    • what kind of drugs were used, and how about the effect

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